some commands

show server
show cluster
show allports
show alluser
show tasks
show users
show stat
show config *
show ports 
show dir
show heartbeat
show schedule
can put -xml on the end of them in 8.0

Recalculating svr routing table

including for mail routing...

In server console -
tell router update config

Other Router Tell commands

Tell Router Delivery Stats
Tell Router Compact (compact and clean up router queues)
Tell Router Exit (just the router task)
Tell Router Quit (just the router task)
Tell Router Show Queues
Tell Router Update Config (immediately update config)

User Change Password

Taken from

Navigate to http:///names.nsf, and select People. Click Add Person and create the user account, don't forget to include them as Administrator under the Administration tab. After the account has been created with a default password, send the user a link to his/her Person Document. They should then be able to logon and change the pw on their own.

Determine version of Sametime Server


Certificate expire issue for Domino

64-bit references for Domino