CCNA Wireless Cheatsheet

A lot of this is notes from Pearson's CCNA Wireless 200-355 Complete Video Course.

Table of Contents

RF Communications

RF Propagation

RF math

RF signals


radiation parameter chart

Antenna Signal and Direction

Amount of energy doesn't change due to antenna, just direction and dispersion.


signal sent has orientation - caused by combo of electric and magnetic field - 90 degrees oriented to each other

Antenna effects on EIRP

EIRP (dbm) = radio Tx Power (dBm) - cable loss (dB) + antenna gain (dBi)
ERP is same but antenna gain is in dBd
if you have external antenna, remember to put gain into WLC/IOS/etc, so system will modify output for country regulatory requirements.

RF Transmission regulations


copied from Pearson's CCNA Wireless 200-355 Complete Video Course

Regulatory Bodies

fcc etsi etc...

IEEE/wifi alliance

802.11 transmissions

Connecting WiFi Devs

Wireless Medium

WiFi Specs

Speed and Channel Protocols

WiFi Specs

Frame Speeds

Standards categorize speeds as:

WiFi Site Surveys

App Reqs

Site survey Methodologies

Site survey tools

WiFi Authentication


Auth options

EAP Types