0dB	- Human threshold of hearing (youths)
10dB	- Soft rustling of leaves
20dB 	- Whisper at 1 meter
30dB	- Very soft music
40dB	- Quiet office or residential area
50dB	- Large office background noise
60dB	- Normal conversation, background music
70dB	- Freeway traffic, TV audio
80dB	- Moderate home stereo, ringing telephone
90dB	- Lawnmower, loud home stereo
100dB	- Motorcycle
110dB	- Moderate rock concert, dance club
120dB	- Really loud rock concert, jackhammer
130dB	- Human Threshold of Pain
140db	- Jet engine
150db	- Fireworks
160dB	- Perforation of eardrum
170dB	- Shotgun blast up close
180dB	- Rocket launch up close